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Deferred Enrollment

Deferred enrollment for admitted students

The deferred enrollment program allows newly admitted undergraduate students to postpone their initial enrollment at UC Davis for up to one year. During this time, students can pursue non-academic activities and opportunities that will assist them in clarifying their educational goals (e.g., travel, job opportunities, non-collegiate experience, resolution of personal, financial or medical concerns). Students are not allowed to enroll in any coursework at another accredited college or university during this time. The final deadline to submit a deferred enrollment petition is the first day of the quarter for which you were admitted.

To be eligible for deferred enrollment, students must submit the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by the appropriate deadlines for admitted freshmen or admitted transfer students, satisfy all university and campus admission and entrance requirements and provide all official final transcripts and examination scores. After submitting the SIR, students can apply for deferred enrollment through the MyAdmissions website. Students must also submit a processing fee ($70 domestic) within seven days of submitting the deferred enrollment application.

Deferred Student FAQs

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