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The Backdrop

A podcast by UC Davis

The Backdrop podcast is a monthly interview program featuring conversations with UC Davis scholars and researchers working in the social sciences, humanities, arts and culture. Hosted by public radio veteran Soterios Johnson, the conversations feature new work and expertise on a trending topic in the news.

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Episode 10: Andrés Reséndez on "Conquering the Pacific"

Acclaimed historian and UC Davis Professor Andrés Reséndez reveals the story of the Afro-Portuguese mariner who was the first to successfully navigate a round trip route from the Americas to Asia -- and how his remarkable tale was almost forgotten.

Episode 6: Keith Watenpaugh on Helping Refugee Students Reclaim Their Right to Education

According to one estimate, the global refugee population has more than doubled over the past decade to 26 million. Professor Keith Watenpaugh, director of the Human Rights Studies program at UC Davis, leads an innovative project to help refugee students start or continue their university education — even as they’re displaced and on the move.